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Components assembly
and test

In a first stage the platform will be focused in the primary packaging for solid pharmaceutical products but intending to extend the solution to the other industries mentioned above, in the near future.

In this digital and modular production concept implementation the project seeks to achieve the following main obejctives:

  • Predictive Maintenance Tool development;
  • Equipments and Components Degradation Models development;
  • Development of a tool to support the integration of new product variants (Smart Recipes);
  • Development of a tool to support equipment life cycle management and planning.
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The following impacts on the production systems (specific goals) are estimated after the project conclusion, with the implementation of the modular-digital platform developed during the project:

  • 25% time reduction in new variants integration;
  • Increase the equipment availability by 10%;
  • 15% reduciton in maintenance costs;
  • 20% time reduction in equipment reconfiguration;
  • Increase the equipment OEE by 15.