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Modular Production Platform

Given that the DEZMPP project is based on three fundamental vectors that aim to respond to the manufacturing needs of the future and constitute insights: Model centered on a value proposition Risk Reduction, Cost Reduction and Convenience / Usability; proposes to create a modular and versatile production platform dedicated to the assembly and testing of a wide range of components for the Industry and that in a flexible way respond to the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s manufacturing: High Output and High Variability.

The ZMPP (Zeugma Modular Production Platform) aims to be a completely digital platform, the base for a development network tool, to test modularity concepts, to validate systems versatility in several what-if production scenarios and to check production systems behavior when subjected to product variants and changes.

In the DEZMPP context the reuse of the productive assets are higly promoted once the model is based on a reconfigurable platform concept. One of the project goals is to be able to achieve around 60% synergies at the hardware level and 80% at the software control level, to be resused during the equipment design phase.

The solution will also provide traceability algorithms that follow the components in real production equipments throughout the life cycle, enabling to provide, at any time, reliable information about components reliability, giving a good estimation on the remaining usefull lifetime and thereuse potencial.

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